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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Custom Dynamics

ProBEAM – the first ‘Light Pipe’ applications for motorcycle lights

Market leading motorcycle lights specialist Custom Dynamics (Youngsville, North Carolina) has taken its top-selling motorcycle lights program to another level with the launch of the company’s premium ‘ProBEAM line at the recent Drag Specialties Dealer Expo at Indianapolis.

Profiled ‘Light Pipe’ taillights

The headline news is the first application of the kind of ‘Light Pipe’ technology seen on top-end automotive lights for motorcycles.
Not an array of multiple LEDs, but a formed tube with reflectors magnifying LEDs located at either end, the design creates a distinctive look with increased visibility, greater reliability and, by separating the rear light from the brake light function, greater cognisance with following traffic.
The location of the LEDs in the housing at either end of the curved tube also significantly increases peripheral visibility with a 90 degree ‘turn’ that is proud of the housing at either end. There’s an old saying in design and engineering, that if something looks right, it is right – and these rear lights look exactly the way you would want them to.
The company has used premium auto grade LEDs and components throughout its new ‘ProBEAM’ line, and owner Dave Pribula says “these have been two years in development and we have four patents to protect our design work. All our products are backed by our lifetime LED warranty, and these are the best available.

Turn signals

“The higher grade means they are more reliable, and this is the first time that ‘Light Pipe’ technology has been used for motorcycle lights, for a very good reason – it just isn’t as simple as you might think. You are working with a much smaller space than is the case with automotive lights and other applications, and you are, in effect, channelling the light down the pipe, reflecting it right the way along - the result is a more uniform, continuous light compared to the using multiple LEDs.
“We still use individual LEDs for the brake light, but by using two separate sets of LEDs, one for the ‘Light Pipe’ and one for the brake, you are creating a more visible safety solution with the eyes seeing greater contrast. Instead of going from running light to brake, the brake is an additional light that goes from off to on.
“Plus, it is a great design solution too – it looks more modern and is sleeker – just like we have all become familiar with on top-end automotive applications such as Lexus, BMW, AUDI and so forth.”
However, the application of ‘Light Pipe’ technology doesn’t stop there. Custom Dynamics has several additional products at various stages of development, but for now the second that they have brought to market is their also brake capable ProBEAM ‘Fillerz’, that fill the gap between the fender and hard bags on 2014 and up Tourers.

Light Pipe ‘Fillerz’

Keeping the ‘Premium’ theme going, the company has also upgraded several of its other products with the same automotive grade LEDs and components and potentially hit another home run with its new modular approach to sealed unit turn signal passing lights.
Rather than having to stock a number of LED units in order to work with the various Harley lenses, now dealers merely have to stock a chosen selection of inexpensive flat/pancake style lenses, and the O-ring equipped LED cluster is easily sealed to the lens for a plug ‘n play install.


Passing lamps

The higher-grade LEDs result in a better auto grade white daytime running light (DRL) and brighter amber turn signal. The same goes for the reds – a brighter ring and brighter brake/turn also make use of the modular/kit design approach.
Completing the ‘ProBEAM’ range at this stage are a new line of Best in Class non-adaptive headlights. They have been developed in a joint venture with JW Speaker, who are using their unique high-quality manufacturing capabilities and unmatched experience for a new range of Custom Dynamics 5 ¾” and 7” headlights that are the exact same size as the stock headlights, so they fit right into the stock headlight buckets without needing a trim ring.
They are fully SAE/DOT and ECE compliant and have 3 low beam D lenses, 2 high beam D lenses and 3 projector lenses. They have built-in DRL function, a lifetime warranty against LED failure and don’t need a Hi/Lo adapter.
They are available in chrome or true black with optional matching 4.5” passing lamps. Both headlight sizes kick out an impressive 895 effective Lumen low beam and 1250 high beam; the passing lamps give 500 effective lumen each.