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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Motorcycle Storehouse

More in the House at Motorcycle Storehouse


Burley universal sport fairing
For universal installation on most bikes with 35 mm to 49 mm forks, the mounting kit for this Burley brand sport fairing includes hardware and adjustable, heavy duty black powder-coated steel brackets. Constructed from molded ABS with impact resistant acrylic windscreens in choice of Classic Café, Sport Café and standard or tall Club fairing styles.


Kuryakyn Hypercharger ES
Kuryakyn recently introduced a well-received major update to its legendary Hypercharger. An integrated electronic servo motor now delivers precise rpm-based butterfly action and a new Kuryakyn designed K&N air filter element delivers approximately 10% more airflow for a higher CFM rating. A new internal 'stinger' design on the end cap maximizes airflow into the throttle body. Manufactured with an A380 aluminum housing and available in three finishes. Complete with hardware for an easy installation on ’99-‘17 Twin Cam carb or EFI (excl. e-throttle) models, ’16-‘17 FXDLS; ’08-‘16 and 2017 Touring models, and ’07-‘17 Sportsters.


Goodridge brake line adapter
This ABS front adapter for customizing Goodridge brake lines on ’11 - ‘17 Softails mounts onto the ABS pump and to the line leading to the handlebar master cylinder. A rear adapter that mounts to the frame and takes the line coming from the rear ABS pump is also available. Compatible with all Goodridge brake line systems with 3/8 - 24 AN-3 threaded brake line ends.


M-unit Blue
For a “super clean build”, this third improved feature version of Motogadget’s popular M-unit ‘brainbox’ is a digital control center that allows electrical components, like lights, horn, turn signal and starter motor to be switched on and off with a single push button switch or conventional switches without the need for mechanical relays or fuses. Available in a 'Basic' and as 'Blue' - a Bluetooth equipped version with alarm control, M-Ride Smartphone App connection, encrypted keyless Go function (which powers up your bike by smartphone) – they now come with 12 inputs, 10 outputs and replaceable high-quality cable clamps. They measure 90 mm L x 53 mm W x 30 mm H with a 74 mm bolt distance.


RIDE Smartlink
The RIDE SmartLink is a silent notification (alarm) and GPS tracking system with a whole range of options for both safety and convenience. Installation is Plug & Play between the stock wiring and OEM H-D TSSM/BCM security device of ’99-‘17 Twin Cam, 2017 M8 and ’04-‘17 Sportster models; compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.


LePera ‘Kickflip’ seat
LePera’s ‘Kickflip’ seat is a freestyle seat for street applications, featuring LePera’s proprietary Marathon foam for maximum stability and comfort. Handcrafted with an iconic attention to detail and pleated styling for ’06-‘17 Dynas.


LePera ‘Sprocket’ solo seat
LePera’s ‘Sprocket’ solo seat is said to be “a design that incorporates both the present and the past with a dose of back support - even when the miles are stacked against you, proper lumbar support makes a world of difference,” says Motorcycle Storehouse. Available smooth or pleated for ’06-’17 Dynas, ’08-‘17 Touring models and ’04-’06 and ’10-’17 Sportsters.


LePera ‘Streaker’ solo seat
“Stripped down, pure and simple - ready for business, and like all LePera seats well designed and made to last with premium quality components with looks to match.” Available smooth or pleated for ’08-‘17 Touring models and ’04- 06 and ’10-’17 Sportsters.



Fehling Moto-Cross handlebars
Top-selling German handlebar, crash bar and luggage holder manufacturer Fehling’s 7/8” Moto-Cross style handlebars are precision bent and welded and TüV approved. Available in chrome or black with widths from 79.5 cm to 90 cm and rise from 10 to 15 cm, Motorcycle Storehouse also offers 90 cm wide by 13 cm high 1” bars from Fehling.