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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Feuling Parts

‘Reaper’ cam choices for M-8

Oceanside, California based Feuling Parts has added Dyno proven and track tested M-8 grinds to its popular ‘Reaper’ brand cams program.

Said to produce more power and torque in the riding rpm range, which improves the throttle response, acceleration and fuel mileage, Reapers’ smooth camshaft lobe ramps are said to be easier on valvetrain components and eliminate excessive valvetrain noise and wear.
Two options are available – both are direct bolt-in replacements for the stock M-8 cams and can be used with stock valve springs, pushrods, lifters and exhaust.
Their 405 cam produces a wide powerband that increases torque and horsepower throughout the entire rpm range, responding well when used with replacement slip-on mufflers or full exhaust systems and a high-flow air cleaner. Feuling recommends mufflers with smaller cores for the best low-rpm power.
Their 465 cam responds well when combined with increased engine bore and/or engine compression and also works well with aftermarket slip-on mufflers or a full exhaust system and a high-flow air cleaner.
Compared to the stock cams, the 465 is described as producing solid bottom-end performance and substantial gains above 2800 rpm; use of performance valve springs is not required but may result in a quieter, smoother running valve train.