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Monday, 6 November 2017


Spyke Super Torque starters and digital electronic advance ignition system kits

Spyke has announced Super Torque starters for 2007 and up Big Twin Harleys that have been specifically designed to provide more cranking torque without having to change the stock battery. 

The company says these starters will deliver 46 percent more cranking torque compared to stock starters by using a specially designed double wound armature. Spyke Super Torque starters have 4.44: 1 gear reduction and “use nothing but the best quality components, including a super-duty clutch supported by high tension springs.” Available in chrome and black. 

Also seen here, Compu-Fire’s electronic advance ignition system kits for 1970 to 1999 Big Twins and 1970 to 2003 Sportsters.  The digital ignition uses advanced Hall-Cell triggering and surface-mount technology with convenient built-in “Accu-ray” static timing LED.
This ignition has 8 selectable advance curves for a variety of applications and can be used with either dual or single fire coils. It also has an rpm limiter and V.O.E.S. adjuster. Compu-Fire reports the ignition uses extended temperature and low voltage operation that increases performance and reliability.  Their soft start circuitry allows easy starting under low battery conditions. This kit is supplied with a single fire coil and plug wires, making it a complete ignition kit.