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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

AIMExpo 2017 review part 2

New Product Showcase: Displayed prominently in the entrance lobby of the Greater Columbus Convention Center, new products and innovations were highlighted right up front and center, casting the “Future Starts Here” theme in a practical context. New products from AIMExpo will be showcased in this and subsequent AMD Magazine editions.


A.D. Farrow Co.:  Celebrating its 105th anniversary, Harley-Davidson’s oldest American dealer threw its weight behind AIMExpo’s move to its home city with in-store promotion and show related activity at each of its Columbus area locations. Dealer Principal Bob Althoff played a significant role in helping the show organizers secure factory backing, and if AIMExpo does eventually drop anchor in Columbus on an at least alternate annual basis, his resources and contacts will be invaluable in securing a viable future for the show in the heartland of America’s V-twin market;


Harley-Davidson: Milwaukee’s backing of AIMExpo could be critical to shaping the show’s destiny, especially in terms of the existing V-twin and broader custom market (a Pin Stop anyone?), but also in terms of creating something that speaks to new generations of consumers. Another big “upside” of Harley’s involvement comes in the timing. Be it September or October, AIMExpo represents a first opportunity for consumers who don’t usually frequent their local authorized dealer to see (and test ride) the new model year offerings within weeks of their unveiling. One or two late-season local events aside, generally the Motor Company has had to wait until March for Daytona Bike Week to bang that drum, by which time peak selling season is already well underway. By being one of the many OEs exhibiting at the show, as is the case at the European shows such as INTERMOT, as its model and platform offer evolves in the coming years, for the first time ever Harley has an opportunity to reach riders who may be eying competitive offers at marketing peak cycle. If our math is right, they currently sit at 16 new models launched, out of the planned 100 in 10 years, and if we genuinely are all to recognize that we need new ways to reach the new generations of potential consumers, then the opportunity to “Mother Ship” the motorcycle industry’s new model cycle shop window to AIMExpo, potentially has implications the like of which we can only dream about at this stage;


Indian Motorcycle: As the “new kid on the block” in brand identity, model range and dealer development terms, Polaris Industries’ decision to back Indian’s decision to engage with AIMExpo is as important as Harley-Davidson’s. In Polaris’ case they bring wider powersports and transport industry to the table in the long run, and if Indian is a brand in search of being able to build marketing infrastructure, then the virgin territory that AIMExpo and Columbus represent have huge potential for them. If the show does eventually settle at Columbus, either annually or biennially, then what a unique opportunity it would provide for Indian to be able to bring its multiple messages together within weeks of its model range announcements, within days almost of the end of the race season, in an environment that speaks to Indian solus and Polaris multi-line dealers, and, ultimately, as with Harley, in an environment in which riders and dealers from the non-traditional custom markets can be courted;


Ken Sean: A leading brand of motorcycle mirrors since 1950 and the trusted original equipment of choice for many of the world’s leading OEMs at various times in the past 65 plus years, the range extends from E-marked mirrors through signal mirrors, UTV and ATV mirrors, universals, classic styles and designs, bar enders, fairing minis, rectangulars, rounds and the popular X-Treme series;


Daytona Twin Tec: The latest addition to Allen Alvarez’ Daytona Twin Tec team is Electronics Engineer Dave Celsnak. Recent new products include the TC17 ECU for late model touring motorcycles, now supporting liquid cooled applications. The TCFU plug-in replacement ECU is a fully programmable engine control system with auto-tune capability. Full datalogging and adjustability of the fuel injection and ignition is suitable for all engine builds, including turbo/supercharged systems;


Nelson Rigg USA: The company says it “continues to create innovative luggage, covers and rainwear with our newly designed tour trunk bag and tail bags.” It also just introduced Defender extreme covers featuring its new proprietary UltraMax material;