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Friday, 15 September 2017


Honda sells 72,000 units in Europe in
Q1 (to June 2017)

Honda, purveyor of “Powerful Dreams”, has released its results for the first quarter (to June 20, 2017) of its 2017/2018 financial year, with the headline news being of total global Group Unit motorcycle sales being up over the same quarter of last year by 8.0 percent at 4,699,000 units sold (from 4,352,000 units).

On a consolidated basis, sales were 3,245,000 units, up by +14.6 percent from the 2,831,000 units sold in the year ago quarter.
Total company sales revenue was 3.713 bn yen, +7.0%, largely due to increases in its motorcycle and financial services business operations. Operating profits were +0.9% at 269.2 m yen.
In domestic Japanese terms, the company is pointing towards the positive impact of its CBR250RR introduction, but is also still highlighting the ongoing negative impacts of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake.
In Asia, the company says it increased sales in India, Vietnam and Thailand, but saw sales decline in Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia.
European unit sales (motorcycles, All-Terrain vehicles and Side-by-Sides) were 72,000 units; in North America, they sold 78,000 units in the first quarter; 29,000 in Japan; 3.885m units in total in Asia and 288,000 elsewhere.
At 432.4 bn yen, motorcycle sales revenue was up by 13.6% in the first quarter, generating a 7.2 percent increase in motorcycle business derived profit (31.1 bn yen).
European motorcycle sales are forecast at 217,000 for the 2017/2018 full financial year, with 294,000 units likely to be sold in North America, 156,000 in Japan and 9,513,000 in Asia, and 1,057,000 in other markets for a projected 2017/2018 total of 11,237,000 units.