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Monday, 18 September 2017

Barnett Clutches & Cables

Clutch kit for 2017 FL Touring models

Ventura, California based manufacturer Barnett Clutches & Cables has responded quickly to one of the commonly heard complaints about Harley's 2017 M-8 powered Tourers, namely that the existing stock clutch set-up could do with some help to handle the additional power available from the new engine.

This direct-fit upgrade clutch kit for the 2017 Harley-Davidson FL Touring models is just the latest in a long line of stock upgrades offered by Barnett down the years. It features Barnett’s segmented Kevlar friction plates, which are designed for more oil flow, longer life and smoother clutch operation.
Also included are 10 Kevlar friction plates, 9 tempered steel drive plates and a set of three heavy duty clutch springs. Barnett say all their kits are quality checked for exact stack height prior to packaging to guarantee proper fit and optimal performance. Barnett tempered steel drive plates go through a vibratory deburring process and are then checked for flatness; heavy duty Barnett clutch springs are pre-set, shot-peened and heat treated for performance and durability. Made in-house by Barnett.