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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Daytona Twin Tec

Twin Tuner II

Daytona Twin Tec’s Twin Tuner II retains all the features of their original Twin Tuner and now includes ignition timing and control capability.

Twin Tuner II easily adjusts the OEM Delphi fuel-injection and ignition to match the requirements of installed performance parts, including high-compression pistons/heads, camshafts, free-flowing exhausts, and low-restriction air filters – just add +30% or subtract -20% fuel and retard the spark timing up to 10 degrees.
The mode and up/down pushbutton switches can be used to make fuel trim adjustments in the rpm and throttle position ranges that are required by most applications; the fuel trim value is displayed on a bright daylight-readable LED display.
The Twin Tuner also has an advanced mode, which includes the facility to use the optional USB interface and PC Link Tuner software to make precise independent fuel adjustments to the front and rear cylinders.
The Twin Tuner II is an easy plug-in install and set up, with no splicing, cutting, crimping or bulky interconnections – the compact size is only 4" L x 2" W x 1/2" H. It is compatible with Twin Scan II+ Tuning Aid – just install the Twin Scan II+ and ride the bike, then copy the air/fuel ratio corrections calculated by the Twin Scan II+ into the PC Link Tuner software.