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Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Indian adds three to 2018 line-up

Claiming that their 2018 line-up “allows every rider to be legendary,” Indian Motorcycle’s new model year range expands the models available to 16 with the introduction of three new “gap fillers” to flesh out the range of choice offered.

The “newbies” are the Scout Bobber, a “blacked-out, toughed-up” Springfield Dark Horse with an “ultra-premium” Indian Roadmaster Elite as the headline act – a new top-of-the-range Tourer with a U.S. MSRP that starts at $36,999.

Scout Bobber $11,499  US MSRP
The recently announced addition of the Scout Bobber ads a new, third model to the popular Scout line-up; five color schemes and a claimed performance of 100 hp with peak torque of 73 ft-lbs at 6000 rpm.

Their entry level is the Scout Sixty, starting at $8,999, which, along with the two other liquid cooled 60ci “Midsize” V-twins (the Indian Scout and the new Scout Bobber, both at $11,499) have ABS as an option on certain colorways.
The rest of the range from there up are all ABS equipped Thunderstroke 111 inchers built on Indian’s cast aluminum frame with integrated air box and cruise control as standard; the four Chieftains and three Roadmaster Touring models all continue to get Indian’s glove-friendly 7” touch screen Ride Command infotainment system.
The three Cruisers offered start at $17,499, with the Chief Darkhorse in Thunder Black Smoke, the Steel Gray Chief and the Burgundy Metallic Chief Classic, which starts at $19,499.
There are no less than seven Bagger options (as opposed to Tourers), starting with the Chief Vintage at $19,999; then there is the new Springfield Dark Horse, the Springfield, the Chieftain, an updated Chieftain Dark Horse (19” ten-spoke blacked-out wheels with an open front fender and Ride Command infotainment system as standard), and at the top of the Bagger range are the Chieftain Classic at $23,999 and the Chieftain Limited at $24,999.
At the top of the range, the “entry level” Touring model is their $26,999 Roadmaster, then the Roadmaster, and finally the top of the range limited production Roadmaster Elite (“you don’t rise to the top, you ride there”).
The Roadmaster Elite features custom-inspired hand finished two-tone candy paint that Indian says takes 30 hours to complete, with real 23K gold leaf badging on the tank and lowers. It features a large number of “premium amenities” as standard, including the Ride Command system, a 300 watt premium audio system, passenger armrests, billet aluminum passenger and driver floorboards, a premium touring console and “stylish pinnacle mirrors.”

Roadmaster Elite $36,999 US MSRPAfter the success of Chieftain Elite, Indian is offering a special run of 250 Roadmaster Elite machines. The “ultra-premium” Roadmaster Elite has one color scheme only - a two-tone cobalt blue and black colour that has been completely hand painted, along with real 23K gold leaf badging on the tank. It has Indian’s Ride Command system and a 300 watt premium audio system, chrome front and rear bumpers, passenger armrests and “stylish pinnacle mirrors.”

Also receiving a noticeable upgrade is the Chieftain Dark Horse, starting at $23,999. Riders will see a 19” ten-spoke blacked-out wheel with an open front fender and the industry-leading Ride Command infotainment system now included as standard.
Similar to the other Dark Horse models, the new Springfield Dark Horse features matt black paint with gloss black details, an open fender to showcase the new 19” ten-spoke, blacked-out front wheel, and quick release windshield with blacked-out bracket.

Springfield Dark Horse $20,999  US MSRP
Like the other existing Dark Horse models, the Springfield Dark Horse has matt black paint with gloss black details. Springfield Dark Horse will feature an open fender to showcase a 19” ten-spoke and blacked-out front wheel. Its quick-release windshield protects the rider from the elements, or can give a meaner cruiser look when removed. One color scheme – Thunder Black Smoke.

“The Roadmaster Elite and Springfield Dark Horse are two fantastic motorcycles with two different attitudes. The Roadmaster Elite packs all the bells and whistles perfect for riders looking for the best of the best, while the Dark Horse brings blacked-out style to the Springfield line,” said Reid Wilson, Marketing Director Indian Motorcycle.
“Beyond these two offerings, we have elevated each and every model, listening to our consumers to bring new features and colors they have asked for.”
The Chieftain platform “receives notable upgrades, adding a Chieftain Classic model, starting at $23,999, which will feature the brand’s iconic valanced front fender and genuine leather seat with fringe, available in three colors. The Chieftain Limited, starting at $24,499, remains at the head of the pack and adds three new colors, while the Chieftain receives a lowered price of $21,499 and the 19” blacked-out ten-spoke wheel and open fender as standard.
“For those looking to add a more modern style, the 10-spoke 19” wheel, in both black and contrast cut, along with an open front fender, are available as an accessory for the Roadmaster, Roadmaster Classic, Chieftain and Springfield motorcycles.  The wheel and open fender will fit those models from model year 2014 onwards.
“The Indian Chief Classic also receives upgrades, now available with white wall tires, wire wheels and full chrome hand controls.  Indian’s iconic Chief Vintage line receives new offerings for 2018, starting at $19,999. Thunder Black and Star Silver over Thunder Black will for the first time ever feature black genuine leather saddlebags and seats to add to its beautiful styling.
“The Scout receives a new look and improved performance.  Now standard are a cartridge fork front suspension and Pirelli tires, along with passenger accommodations, including a genuine leather passenger pillion and pegs.”