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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Zodiac adds Burly, Ciro, MRI, Sumax and Yaffe


Burly sissy bar for Sportsters
Zodiac International has added this sissy bar for ‘93-’03 Sportsters. TIG-welded, it is available in chrome or black and as a short or tall version that includes a compact pad. Classically styled, it mounts to the outside of the fender rails for ease of install and removal.


Ciro LED Bag Blades
The Ciro LED Bag Blades seen here are described as “one of the cleanest ways to add light to the back of the bike. The low profile light housing sits right below the lid of the bag to blend seamlessly into the back of the bike.” The Bag Blades feature super bright run, brake and sequential amber turn signals on 2014 to present models. They come complete with or without Ciro’s controller.

MRI electric center stand for air suspensions
This MRI electric center stand is available for Touring models from ’90 to present, including the Milwaukee Eight powered ’17 models. These stands bolt on in minutes and use a linear actuator to raise and lower the legs electronically. An air suspension system must be used to lower the bike, so that the center stand rests on the ground. The two legs provide a very sturdy base, allowing the bike to sit upright while parked. Black powder-coated, they are an easy install with wheel sized, year and model, and suspension system matched kits.

Sumax ‘Classic Thunder’ braided cloth spark wires
 Old School Cool with modern technology - these 7mm black silicone spark plug wires with synthetic jacketing resist heat, oil and abrasion. A combination Kevlar helically spiral wound core at 350 ohm per foot resistance delivers greater spark energy, while improving power, idle and fuel efficiency. Matching black silicone boots protect against high exhaust temperatures. Double spring locking terminals for secure, vibration proof connections - for all Harleys with points or electronic ignition.

Paul Yaffe’s “Phantom II” pipes by SuperTrapp
The Road Legends Phantom Pipe II is a curvy 2:1 exhaust system that is an updated and baffled version of the original Phantom Pipe. It includes a 2” removable and rebuildable core that’s “tough sounding and even better performing.” The 4-piece stylized chrome-plated heat shields come pre-installed. The turned-up claw end tip features a domino dot-engraved decorative billet end cap, 2” primary pipe and a 3.5” diameter collector.