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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Keeping you monitored

In an ideal world, all motorcycles would be connected to a battery charger maintainer when parked-up overnight or for longer, but in this less than ideal busy world, that is not always possible.


Therefore, OptiMate’s family of monitors have the options and versatility that deliver real-world convenience for any length of time a motorcycle is parked-up or stored.
Providing at a glance information about the battery’s status, the charge level is indicated on a microprocessor-driven four LED panel, with a four-level, three-second battery level flashing cycle. Three LEDs (red, yellow and green) indicate charge for standard wet cell batteries (with filler caps) that hold charge up to 12.5 - 12.6V, with the fourth (green) LED indicating if a sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery is holding a charge of 12.7V (90%) or higher.
Once the motorcycle engine fires up, OptiMate battery monitors confirm if the vehicle charging system is delivering the correct charge voltage. When the OptiMate battery monitor detects sufficient charge voltage (above 13.5V) is entering the battery, the LED indication changes to “Arrow Mode” - red, yellow and green LEDs light consecutively and rotate in a “good to go” pattern of reassurance!


Ride pre-check, especially for long distance trips, is easy - no more wrestling with seats and battery covers (and even a fairing on some motorcycles) in order to know if that is causing the dreaded “no start” as the OptiMate monitor tells you exactly what is going on with the charge status straight away. Charging the battery or drawing power is also easy - OptiMate monitors have a weatherproof sealing cap-equipped quick connect SAE charge port. So clean, so easy!



OptiMate monitor model connection options include the O-124 with M6 (1/4") ringlets and 15 amp protective fuse - for permanent connection to the battery; the longer (100cm/40”) O-128 with M8 (5/16") ringlets - ideal for 4-wheeler (side by side) vehicles with larger automotive style battery terminals; the O-125 is the ‘plug and play’ SAE connector version - great for dealers or riders with multiple vehicles fitted with battery charge leads; the O-126 connects to an always live 12V auto-cigar socket, and the O-127 is the model for lithium batteries - with M6 (1/4") ring terminals for permanent fitment to the battery. The fourth LED warns if the vehicle's charge voltage is overcharging above 14.6V and thus killing the lithium battery.