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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Drag Specialties

Comp Cams V-Thunder and Thumpr chain drive cams

Drag Specialties is stocking a wide range of performance upgrade engine parts manufactured by Memphis, Tennessee, based Comp Cams.

Their 8620 billet steel cams feature a sophisticated “Endurance Ramp” lobe design that “makes great power, but is easy on the tappets and valve train for long life.”
Cam sets include the TC-3103 - an “excellent bolt-in torque performance cam set” for 103"-110" engines that are described as delivering strong low end power – “the ideal cam for a sport touring feel that gives additional power gains when used with a performance exhaust and high flow air cleaner and immediate passing power when cruising in 6th gear, with great power up to 5200 rpm.”
Their mid-range performance TC-3102 cam set, also for 103"-110" engines, deliver the same strong low-end and mid-range power – “ideal for power up to 5400 rpm.”
The TC-3103 cam set is a bolt-in for 103"-117" engines, but they “really shine when used with ported heads and added compression - awesome for 110" or 117" CVO kits with great power up to 5800 rpm.”
Additional applications include cam sets for 103” – 120” and 110” and up (to 130”) engines with modified heads and 10.5 compression for power to 6000 and 6200 rpm respectively and Thumpr chain drive cams for ’06 Dyna Glide and ’07-’17 Twin Cams with the top-of-the range TC-4104 cam set “designed as a serious performance cam set for larger engines, giving outstanding performance in 120R, 124” and 130” engines – delivering a very wide power band and pulling great at up to 6400 rpm”.

Also seen here, Comp Cams “Beehive” style valve spring kits are said to be a drop-in performance valve train upgrade that deliver “a host of well-documented benefits over conventional cylindrical valve springs, for increased rpm capability with no rocker box clearance problems and industry-first lightweight tool steel retainers that are 30+ percent lighter with greater strength and durability than conventional chromoly steel retainers.”


09251089.jpg: Comp Cams’ Thumpr chain drive cams for ’06 Dyna Glide and ’07-’17 Twin Cams are made in 8620 billet steel and feature a “sophisticated ‘Endurance Ramp’ lobe design that makes great power, but is easy on the tappets and the valve train”
09260690.jpg: Comp Cams’ “Beehive” style valve spring kits and tool steel retainers for ’05-’17 Twin Cams