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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Kustom Tech

‘Seventies Line’ retro style hand-control options

If you are looking for high quality details for your retro build or conversion, Italian made and designed ‘Seventies Line’ handlebar controls by Kustom Tech are just what you need.
Available as brake and clutch levers for 1” and 7/8” handlebars, with 12mm (15/32”) or 14mm (9/16”) bore piston master cylinders, they are available in a selection of 4 different finishes from polished and raw to satin and black.

Italian made forged aluminum retro style clutch lever and master cylinder assemblies –
20-813 (14mm, clutch, polish);

20-814 (14mm, clutch, satin)

20-815 (14mm, clutch, raw)

20-832 (14mm, clutch, black)

Machined from forged aluminum, they are fully rebuildable and feature a retro style finned cover and smooth, ergonomically shaped lever; replacement levers and brass clutch and M110x1 thread brake cable register also available.