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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Arlen Ness

Performance-Ness, Handling-Ness, Cool-Ness

From the mother-lode of performance custom accessory design, the Ness Products design studios at Dublin, California, come these deep cut, inverted air cleaner kits – designed to improve still further on their patented Big Sucker technology by using an inverted top that maximizes airflow.

Featuring their patented ‘Big Sucker’ technology, these inverted air cleaner kits pull air in from the face of the air cleaner as well as the sides

It does so by pulling in air from the face of the air cleaner, as well as the traditional method of pulling air in from the sides. Made in forged billet aluminum, each hidden breather is O-ringed at the heads and exits of the mouth of the injector/carb to provide “efficient breathing and a virtually closed loop system. This eliminates the need for any external hoses or hardware.
The radius inlet is said to “provide maximum performance by providing unobstructed airflow, and the aluminum breather hardware includes specially designed breather bolts and covers for clean mounting”.
The filters are handmade in the USA, featuring a synthetic material that is said to never need oiling – it can just be washed and re-used for long lasting results; synthetic filters are water resistant, eliminating the need for a rain sock. The design features an inverted, pleated top with pleated sides to maximize airflow by pulling in from every angle – the synthetic material is black with a stainless steel jacket.
The filter housings are machined from a single piece of forged billet aluminum “for clean styling, reduced weight and improved ergonomics. The built-in velocity stack not only gives a unique performance look, but also contributes to the performance improvements by forcing air into the filter’s pleated top.”
Matching deep cut wheels, rotors, inboard rotors, horn kits and other accessories are available with matching chrome finish.

This new bevelled, reusable billet oil filter features high-tech, laser-cut 304 stainless steel medical grade micronic cloth – a filter technology that is said to catch particles down to 35 microns, about three times better than conventional “premium” oil filter media

Also seen here, Ness’ new bevelled, re-usable billet oil filter in black features “high-tech Formula 1, NASCAR and aerospace industry derived filter technology that eliminates the tendency for traditional grade paper filters to flow so poorly that they often cause the bypass valve to open and allow unfiltered oil into the engine.”
The trick to doing this lies in the filter medium used – laser-cut 304 stainless steel medical grade micronic cloth that catches particles down to 35 microns, which is said to be about three times better than “most premium oil filters.
“These filters maintain consistent flow under all conditions, including extreme heat, the presence of water and cold start-ups.” Available for ’84-‘15 Big Twins and ’86-’15 Sportsters, the simple-to-clean and service bevelled styling features a chrome finish.
Ness hit a ‘home-run’ with the 10-Gauge product line it started to introduce in 2015 – especially with the multi-piece design factory replacement outer primary cover for ’07 and up FLT Touring models – available in chrome and, as seen here, in black.

Launched in 2015, the Ness ‘10-Gauge’ line started with their multi-piece factory replacement outer primary for ’07 and up FLTs

The company has continued to add to the program since the launch of the first designs, with items such as lifter block, cam, transmission top and side, rocker box and pushrod covers.

CNC-machined, forged ‘10-Gauge’ billet aluminum front engine mount brackets

Now they are also offering CNC-machined, forged 10-Gauge billet aluminum front engine mount brackets that are direct bolt-on replacements for the factory stamped steel bracket and stabilizer links that feature a specially designed spherical bearing, machined with a counter bore for flush mounted hardware; these are said to be the first and currently still only billet aluminum engine stabilizer links on the market for 09-15 Touring models. Both items are also available as part of their Deep Cut chrome or black programs.

Ness says these billet aluminum engine stabilizer links were the first, and are still the only ones on the market for ’09-’15 Touring models