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Tuesday, 20 October 2015


TechnoResearch now available at Drag Specialties

Added to the Drag Specialties program earlier this year, Detroit based TechnoResearch offer dealers access to a program of tuning and professional diagnostic products that come with over 20 years of experience at the top table of automotive and motorcycle industry research and development.
Founded in 1992, the company includes Harley-Davidson, MV Agusta, GasGas, Cosworth, Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Sherco, Fiat, Siemens and Saturn among its customers, partners and collaborators.
Drag Specialties has "gone deep" in terms of their commitment to a product line that includes the 'Tune Builder' mapping tool, 'Direct link' flash tuner, 'Centurion' branded Super Pro and Super Pro Plus diagnostic tool systems, and 'Maximus' Tuner - described as the "most advanced, easy-to-operate single-user flash tuning tool for all fuel injected Harley-Davidsons."

The 'Tune Builder' is said to have "powerful data collection" features and "sophisticated algorithms" to automatically create tables that allows users to copy/paste completed maps into flash tuning software.
After collecting data from the ECU the Auto Mapping feature automatically generates fuel tables to "create the most efficient map possible."
It can "effortlessly tune Volumetric Efficiency (VE) tables, detect and remove spark knock and evaluate engine usage areas." It will log up to 16 channels simultaneously and at high frequency, record and seamlessly integrate any O2 sensor device into data collection and can utilize the motorcycle's stock narrow band O2 sensors if equipped.

TechnoResearch describe the 'Centurion' Super Pro and 'Centurion' Super Pro Plus pro-grade diagnostic tools as "the industry's only complete professional diagnostic tool system designed for independent professional repair facilities".
Using their proprietary VCM-TR3 communication module to communicate with the stock ECU 'Centurion' uses a Windows or Android-based PC, laptop or tablet and connects by cable or Bluetooth/wireless.
Real-time data can be viewed in strip or digital dashboard formats, and the included Mobile Dyno with Android app provides for more than 20 hours of  fast-acquisition data logging. The software can be updated online to stay current with features, years and model types and the durable metal housing and easy adapter system of this US made product allows for fast switches between motorcycles.
The range of features on the 'Centurion' is comprehensive. Blank ECUs can be re-flashed, VIN and key fobs can be programmed, it will perform radio and speaker calibration (up to MY14), speedometer calibration (to MY15), read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, manage ABS bleeding and solenoid testing, re-set air/fuel values and adjust idle rpm, perform active tests on tacho, speedo, fuel pump, idle rpm, system relays, cooling fans, alarm, IAC, ACR compression, injector coils, coolant pump, left or right turn signals and other systems and lamps.

The 'Maximus' Tuner is where TechnoResearch brings together the most commonly used diagnostic features of the 'Centurion' with the tuning power of the 'Direct Link' tool.
Advanced hardware and software specifications allow backing up and restoring of original maps, as well as re-flashing stock ECUs and performing routine diagnostics. Once tuning is complete the kit is simply unplugged and is immediately ready for the next tune.
It requires the use of a Windows based PC, laptop or tablet, is available in versions for most CAN data bus 6-pin connector and Delphi/Marelli 4-pin EFI and can be used on one motorcycle an unlimited number of times. 

The 'Direct Link' Tuning Key is available for Delphi or Marelli EFis and is for use with any TechnoResearch VCM-TR3 communication module device such as 'Tune Builder' and Pro/Pro Plus 'Centurions'.
The Auto Mapping feature reduces the need to do cell-by-cell tuning calculations. It allows tuners to modify fuel and spark tables (front and rear cylinders), air fuel ratio, warm-up fuel, cranking fuel, closed loop, acceleration and deceleration, rev limiter and knock control by using fuel, spark and AFR real-time cell tracing.