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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

MC Baggers

ABS bearing

The advent of larger diameter front wheels has raised some interesting questions about ABS and braking distances. Basically, the larger the diameter of the wheel, the longer the braking distance.

Unless using a programmable electronic ABS unit, linked to sensors on the front wheel, the ABS won't receive the signals it needs to calibrate itself effectively - simply put it won't know that a bigger wheel has been installed.
Because a bigger front wheel revolves more slowly than a stock dimension wheel, the wheel the rotation distance is longer, and the ABS will not understand and apply adequate front braking pressure and frequency when stopping.
MC Baggers say they have solved that problem with a newly-designed ABS bearing for 2013 and earlier Harley-Davidson touring models that will maintain full function of the braking system. Indeed the company says that for 2014 and later Harley-Davidson touring models "the use of our bearing is absolutely essential" according to Hyun Lee Director of the South Korean headquartered manufacturer which has a US facility at Rancho Dominguez, California.

"This is because 2014 and-up models are equipped with a new design of ABS, one that has a unique combined front/rear tandem braking system whose successful function depends upon the correct calibration of both the front wheel and rear wheel ABS components that were calibrated at the factory with a stock front wheel in mind.
"We built our ABS bearing from a replacement bearing that is precision manufactured to our own specification, with the completed product going through a rigorous series of tests over several months. The results were confirmed by a professional racer, who tested and confirmed the functionality of our worldwide patent-pending design.
Hyun is also the inventor of the acclaimed EZ-ON Rake Kit, which allows for correct trail setting without warranty compromising frame modifications. The latest news is that the EZ-ON kit has now passed the rigorous TUV approval testing and certification process in Europe.