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Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Maxima 20w50 Mineral oil for V-Twins
Though best known for their racing oils and off-road/dirt-bike oil expertise, Santee, California based Maxima was founded in 1979 and has offered V-Twin application oils for a long time, with a range that includes three engine oil formulations, transmission/gear oil, a fork oil, a primary oil and a Sportster specific gear and chain oil.

The three engine oils are a 20w50 V-Twin formulated fully synthetic, a 20w50 V-Twin synthetic blend and, seen here as a 20w50, a traditional mineral based oil that is also available as 10w40 and 25w60 that is far from traditional in terms of its contemporary formulation - one that includes an advanced polymer system that resists mechanical shearing and heat breakdown of the oil for what Maxima describe as "unsurpassed" viscosity retention.

Maxima say that their V-Twin Mineral oil is "engineered with industry leading anti-wear and extreme pressure additives to protect critical engine components. A superior additive package keeps engines clean, protects against sludge and allows for trouble-free operation."

Maxima updated their V-Twin line in 2014 with new branding and graphics and added four new products to the range. The range is sold through distributors, including Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited, Biker's Choice/Tucker Rocky and Western Power Sports.