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Tuesday 14 May 2024

Bare Knuckle Performance

New 'Overboards' from Bare Knuckle Performance

Paul Wideman of Hawk Point, Missouri, is a realist. He wrote to us here at AMD recently to tell us about a line of floorboards they have designed - "Let’s face it, the floorboard game has become a bit ho-hum."

"The choices are pretty much limited to a gang of look-alikes or something that looks like it's come out of a 1980s Ninja star catalog!" But all is not lost - because Bare Knuckle Performance has "got you covered."

"Our 'Overboards' feature a unique cleat design, which not only looks killer, but also keeps your feet planted exactly where you want them - they are perfect for more aggressive riding. We also give you almost 2” of adjustability front to back to fit your riding style perfectly. 

"The innovative aluminum body construction and heavy-duty stainless steel mounts are unmistakable and unbreakable. These beauties are finished off with a deep, gloss black powdercoat that will not fade like anodize and is laser-engraved with our logo in the center of the board."

Included with each kit are stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware, and "the assurance that you are buying the finest Made in USA motorcycle parts your hard-earned money can buy - built to last a lifetime," Paul says.