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Tuesday 3 October 2023


H-D Nightster Accessories

German parts and accessory manufacturer ABM has added further to its WUNDERKIND-Custom H-D (and Indian Motorcycle model) custom parts program with new products for the Nightster.

Designs include an OE replacement gear lever that is said to be ergonomically easier to use and stronger and foot controls that have been matched to the design of the pedals - with vibration-reducing, 'grippy' rubber.

Slimmer, smaller and elegant LED indicators can be mounted in the original struts on the existing mounting points - "their small size and classic design provide a marked optical change," says owner Christian Mehlhorn.

"For those who want to do more to clean up the rear end, then, in addition to replacing the rather cheap looking original indicators, we can tidy up the end of the fender, including an enhanced license plate and illumination design.

"The replacement license plate is mounted with an adjustable side license plate holder. A similarly slim LED indicator/rear light combination can be integrated into the existing fender struts with an adapter, and that not only makes the rear look slimmer and more contemporary, but also more consistent with the overall look."

Additionally, a custom rear light is available that also mounts to the original points, simple covers for the fork tube have an integrated LED mini-indicator, and a designer lid for the rear wheel axle completes the program.

All parts are developed and manufactured in-house in high-quality materials and fully tested to ensure the highest quality and safety standards and ship with a parts certificate, confirming that they comply with German road safety regulations (StVO).