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Tuesday 10 October 2023


Enhanced Pan America Aerodynamics and Ergonomics

One of Europe's best-known parts and accessory manufacturers, Puig (Barcelona, Spain) has added more product designs for Harley's Pan America Adventure Tourer.

The Touring screen seen here has been designed for improved aerodynamics to increase protection without affecting the field of vision, and to "fit perfectly with the adventure style and aesthetics of Harley's maxi-trail models, with a choice of sizes and colors available.

"Manufactured using the most advanced technologies, using 4 mm thick acrylic material, with UV protection, they have a burr-free 2 mm rounded edge. This finish gives them a more elegant touch and offers greater security, complying with the German TÜV regulations."

In a unique touch, Puig ships its screens with a copy of the virtual wind tunnel aerodynamic studies that were conducted in its design testing, comparing the Puig screen with the original design. 

Riders can therefore see the math that drives the improvements that they will be feeling once installed - in which connection, they are a simple, modification-free, fully reversible install, using the OEM screen mounting points, with all necessary hardware provided. 

Though they replace the stock screen, they are designed so that they can still be raised using the stock screen adjustment mechanism that Harley incorporates into the Pan America as standard. Being wider than the standard screen, greater protection is achieved in the forearms and back area with a 60% improvement in the aerodynamic protection compared to the stock design, and the Puig design can reduce the air pressure on the rider by up to 1.17 kilos - increasing comfort while riding and reducing fatigue. 

It measures 470 mm wide x 575 mm high, is available in clear, smoke and dark smoke and has German ABE approval - which, worldwide, is pretty much the best product quality control credential.

Also seen here for the Pan America is a range of high strength, high quality ABS replacement rear fenders that substantially improve protection and safety - they are highly resistant to impacts and have great aerodynamics.

Puig's product designers have worked hard on these fender designs, achieving three different, stylish, model-specific designs. The rear mudguard "S" is ideal for Naked models; type "R" is specific for R-motorcycles and, third is a 'Crosstourer' model design with aluminum support and breaker design with aluminum injection supports fixed to the swingarm.

Another easy-install, fully reversible, modification-free design with installation kit and instructions provided - available in choice of flat black and carbon look finish.

There are plenty more Pan America accessory and performance options to see on the Puig website, but finally, for this selection, are the company's latest generation of advanced lever designs - its 3.0 levers - for improved ergonomics and durability. 

A recent evolution from Puig's popular 2.0 designs with even better ergonomics, they have been designed to bring a more modern and aggressive styling touch to ADV models.

"The new shape of the levers allows for a perfect handle feel, a fact that will guarantee greater grip and accessibility, improving the safety and comfort of the riding experience - modified and improved ergonomics, ensuring that the rider's fingers will work even more comfortably."

Available in seven different colors, there are four different designs - folding, fixed, short and extendable folding. 

All necessary instructions are provided and a model-specific fit-kit is additionally available - in order to optimize the ergonomic improvements that Puig has achieved, these levers do not install using the stock mounts. In order to get a full set, it is required to purchase the brake lever, brake fix-kit, clutch lever and clutch fix-kit. These levers ship with a TÜV certificate and have German ABE approval (91294).