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Tuesday 15 March 2022

S&S Cycle

S&S Diamondback 2-1 Touring Performance Exhaust

S&S says it was building performance baggers long before they were called that, and that as the home of "Proven Performance," its focus has always been on making big power.

Inspired by King of the Baggers, S&S says the Diamondback 2-1 exhaust system is a perfect example of its commitment to true performance. "Beginning with a stepped header for maximum flow and a merged collector specifically engineered to prevent exhaust gas reversion, this system wraps up with a 4" full stainless muffler that ends before the rear axle. 

"The Diamondback is not for your daddy’s bagger, but purpose-built to make big power and sound, have excellent cornering clearance and just the right look." It also provides clearance for taller shocks and is available in a brushed stainless or Guardian Black finish.