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Monday 15 November 2021


OptiMate Made Easy

TecMate has been designing and manufacturing OptiMate battery chargers for 27 years - the first OptiMate saw the light of day in 1994. Fast forward to 2021, and the range has expanded to 40 active models, and that's without considering the PRO Dealer range that includes BatteryMate and the OptiMate PRO.  
TecMate CEO/CTO Martin Human says that even though each model exists for a reason, the inevitable questions are "Why so many" and "What do they all do?"
"It can be a difficult question to answer," concedes Martin, "but no two users have the same needs, and most are not, or never can be expected to be battery experts.

"We've been working on a plan that explains the range from an end user perspective, but the problem - and opportunity - is that most users simply want the charger to decide what's required to keep their favorite vehicle ready to ride. However, there are users with specific needs or demands, and ones who prefer to select the charger that matches the battery or vehicle, or who prefer to have that special charger that exactly matches their specific battery platform.
"For example, some users may not have AC power where they park their favorite powersport vehicle, and professionals need a charger that can do everything in the shortest possible time!"
To reduce a complex matrix of needs and options to simpler present and understand guidance, TecMate now categorizes its charger range into six categories - categories that not only present good, better and best options, but anticipate the many variances in how a rider will want to use their charger, what they will want it to do and how, and on which battery platform or platforms. 

The TecMate BRONZE standard is its easy-to-use chargers - general "connect and forget" charging and maintenance devices.
The SILVER range are the SMARTER options that are still automatic but can also save neglected 'dead-flat' batteries.
The TecMate GOLD standard are its ADVANCED chargers with selectable modes - these are the chargers that automatically save, charge, test and maintain, with the charge rate automatically adjusted according to temperature and/or battery size.
Then there is LITHIUM - EXPERT, specifically for LFP lithium (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) batteries - the type of lithium used in powersports batteries. OptiMate lithium chargers save, test, charge, but can maintain and also reset deep discharge protection within advanced lithium batteries.
For those who need to charge when OFF-GRID, there are the TecMate ECO-SMART products, including SOLAR and DC to DC. This includes the OptiMate Solar DUO range, which works on both lead-acid and LFP lithium batteries.
For powersports vehicle dealers there is the TecMate PRO line. These professional chargers are robust, durable and made specifically for the demands of the dealership environment, with selectable features that are designed to save time. The new OptiMate PRO-1 DUO can save, charge and test both lead-acid and lithium LFP batteries and it has a power supply mode for diagnostic battery support.