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Monday 15 November 2021


Beringer Brakes Additions

Bagger Brakes Kit
Internationally respected and popular French motorcycle brakes specialist Beringer - a favorite for high performance V-twin brakes among custom bike builders worldwide - has put together a Bagger-specific brake components kit that "has the stopping power that Harley Baggers, Tourers and all heavier bikes need."

The kit consists of an oversize Beringer 'Aeronal' 400 mm (15 3/4") brake rotor, the popular 6-piston Beringer 'Aerotec' brake caliper and the adapter plate it needs.
The company says that it can be fitted on all Harley-Davidson models from 1985 to today with a minimum 19’’ rim.
Without the rotor, the caliper and adapter plate can be purchased separately and mounted on any 380 to 400 mm (15" to 15 3/4") OEM brake rotor.

Brake Rotor Bracket
This bracket allows a larger-than-stock brake rotor to be installed - going from 291 or 300 mm disc to a 320 mm disc. 

There is no need to modify the otherwise stock motorcycle, the oversize rotor and the 6-piston caliper simply mount instead of the original.

Radial Caliper
Beringer offers an adaptor bracket to replace the original axial caliper with a radial caliper. You will have the choice between a 4-piston radial caliper with 108 mm center distance or a 6-piston radial caliper with 130 mm center distance. This bracket fits all discs, Beringer or other brands, from 291 mm to 330 mm.