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Tuesday 24 November 2020

Magnum Shielding

Carbon Fiber Braid - The New Black?

Common purchases bikers often make after taking ownership of a new or used motorcycle are exhaust, seat and handlebars. Exhaust for performance, sound and style, seat for comfort and style and handlebars for ergonomics, safety and style.  
Even if the bars aren’t changed, accessories are a common way to achieve a custom new look and to improve the functionality of those "front end essentials," says upstate New York Magnum Shielding's General Manager Tom Vierthaler.

"handlebar installation kits are also available"

"That is where control cables and brake lines come in. They’re usually needed when replacing handlebars, but even on their own they can really complement a motorcycle’s paint scheme and overall appearance and deliver important performance improvements to one of the bike's most important safety component systems."

As a brake line and control cable specialist, Magnum Shielding has an unimpeachable pedigree in delivering well engineered, well designed and well thought-out brake components, and one of their latest introductions is a new type of braid with a novel carbon fiber appearance.
The braid is available as part of their premium Signature product line and has excellent coverage for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, no matter if the application is ABS brake lines for a 2020 Touring bike, or throttle cables for a 1983 Sportster. Fitments are also available for many Indian models including Challenger, with new additions all the time.  

"PTFE tubing braided with DuPont Kevlar Aramid Fiber reinforcement"

Magnum’s new CARBON-FIBER product line is a premium Signature braid addition to their existing STERLING CHROMITE, BLACK PEARL, POLISHED STAINLESS and COPPER CANYON choices. The braid is created from distinct black tone colors, blended and interwoven in such a way that it mimics the look of high-tech carbon fiber. "Even at a distance, this new black alternative braid makes a statement that’s undeniably unique and eye-catching as it complements black motorcycles or any bike with a blackout color scheme," says Tom.
The new CARBON-FIBER braid comes with polished black chrome fittings and all lines and cables match perfectly. "Rest assured that the brake lines, hydraulic clutch lines and control cables provide a precise OE fitment.  The high-quality factory-style construction uses fittings, tube assemblies and manifolds that provide trouble-free installations with professional looking results. All Magnum CARBON-FIBER brake line and control cable coatings offer exceptional protection for paint and chrome.


"Magnum Shielding’s premium CARBON-FIBER brake and clutch lines incorporate PTFE tubing braided with DuPont Kevlar Aramid Fiber reinforcement, Signature Magnum braid, and a clear PVC outer jacket that will never discolor. The Aramid Fiber reinforcement greatly reduces line expansion for the ultimate in high performance braking. Every Magnum brake line is pressure tested and fully DOT FMVSS-106 compliant.
"Premium CARBON-FIBER braided control cables feature matching Signature braid, durable clear coating, and are manufactured with components that meet or exceed OE specifications. The high efficiency cables are constructed with anti-friction inner liners, nylon adjuster inserts, and are factory lubricated for smooth, consistent, long lasting operation. Clutch cables also incorporate a rubber seal in the transmission fitting to eliminate any fluid leaks. All cables fit like factory and have the built-in quality Magnum is known for.

"crimping terminals onto individual wires is not required"

"In addition to the large selection of individual brake lines and control cables that allow you to create your own personalized fitment, the CARBON-FIBER product line is also available in handlebar installation kits. Each kit includes everything for a handlebar replacement - DOT brake lines, throttle and idle cables or terminated throttle-by-wire extensions, clutch cable or hydraulic clutch line, hardware, plus fully terminated turn signal and switch wiring extensions.
"Crimping terminals onto individual wires is not required as the fully terminated wiring makes life easy when completing a handlebar installation. Many wiring extensions are plug and play, further reducing the time needed to finish the job."