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Tuesday 24 November 2020

AIM Corp.

Hydraulic Conversion Kit for Six-Speeds

Huntington Beach, California based AIM Corp. has announced a new LF hydraulic conversion kit for H-D six-speed models from 2007 and up, including M-8 models and 2006 Dynas.
"This is a full replacement of your factory cable clutch system to our hydraulic clutch setup," according to the company. 

"This setup utilizes genuine Harley-Davidson components paired with our popular AIM Light Force slave cylinder. By converting over, you will see a massive improvement in terms of easier clutch pull, better modulation, greater plate lift over cable and easier to find neutral.
"Also, when using stiff springs to hold for high horsepower and torque builds, more often than not the clutch cable will stretch and will cause issues when adjusting and getting proper performance. By switching to hydraulic, it will eliminate that, and you will have a consistent clutch feel every time and no more messing with cable adjustments. 

"We will be offering three different packages that will suit everyone's needs. Our starter kit will provide the bare minimum to get started - allowing for you to source your own clutch line to length - and a cover setup for those that want a different color preference.
"The complete kit consists of everything needed to bolt on and go - it will come with a banjo to banjo clutch line setup for an affordable easy installation. Lastly, our complete Plus Kit will come with everything you will need for a seamless OE plus install. This kit is suited for a seamless installation that delivers a true factory look and feel."