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Tuesday 6 October 2020


Mupo Race Bred Shocks for FTR 1200

Italian suspension specialist Mupo has a range of options available for the Indian FTR 1200 - all with similar features and the same genuinely race bred quality and durability that they build into its Super and Hypersport sector sport bike suspensions.
Ideal for both the road and on the track, the Mupo AB1 rear shock features “plug and play” adjustments with independent rebound and extension adjustments that work in synergy to ensure optimum balanced suspension performance.

All components are CNC-machined from solid, 100% dimensionally checked and then subjected to selected high-tech component-specific surface treatments for the optimal functioning of each individual part.
The Mupo nitrogen gas pressurized AB1 monoshock has a 46 mm piston machined from solid in Ergal 7075 (zinc and aluminum alloy, which has excellent mechanical properties, good ductility, high strength, toughness and good resistance to fatigue) with a reduced thickness 46 mm steel cylinder and 16 mm anti-friction PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated rod, with Ergal top and bottom mounts.
Hard anodized for maximum strength, the design incorporates a separator diaphragm between the oil and nitrogen and 24 clicks of low speed compression.
For maximum performance, Mupo recommends installation of the hydraulic preload option, which allows dynamic real time adjustment of the shock absorber in response to changed loads or changes in road or track conditions.
Mupo shocks are entirely handbuilt and have a wide range of springs available, so dealers can customize the shock for weight and riding style at point of order. All Mupo products are completely serviceable and have a 2-year warranty. This can be extended up to six years by carrying out periodic reviews and maintenance per the use and maintenance booklet.
Founded in the heart of Italy's famed 'Motor Valley' in 1993, Mupo has garnered more than 70 world, European, Italian and other national championship titles in the time since and distributes worldwide. In addition to these FTR 1200 shock absorbers, Mupo also offers selected Harley-Davidson suspension options, including the company's highly rated 22 mm 'Eagle' front suspension cartridge - complete with 40 positions of compression and rebound and chrome-silicon steel spring options.