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Wednesday 15 July 2020


Adjustable length XZE monoshock
Bitubo FTR 1200 Suspension Options

Italian suspension specialist Bitubo has turned its attention to the Indian FTR 1200 with a selection of upgrades for the stock suspension, including the front fork cartridges seen here and a choice of rear shock absorber "Better and Best" options.
The JBH0 - V1 pressurized cartridge (with red rings) is equipped with multiple extension, compression and spring preload adjustments. "The adjustment is extremely simple, using knurled dials on the upper caps of the fork. The plug and play install is fully reversible as no modifications are required; the pressurization of the cartridges gives greater support to the fork and improved handling."

The adjustable length XZE11 monoshock "improves the comfort and control of the vehicle while driving, and its versatility for model-specific set-ups and tuning has made it a very popular 'go-to' upgrade for a wide range of top-selling 'Nakeds' and entry level sport bikes." It is also available in the shorter version XZE61.
Bitubo's top-of-the-range options for the FTR 1200 are the XXF111 race style rear monoshock with manual spring preload and XXF31 with hydraulic spring preload. The monoshock XXF also has a shorter version XXF61 (with manual spring preload) and XXF81 (with hydraulic spring preload).

XXF31 rear monoshock with hydraulic spring preload

"The big step forward over the stock shock and our XZE are the reduction in overall weight, the wider range of new set-up possibilities and an upgrade of the adjustment of the length and the hydraulic spring preload - both in terms of functionality and ergonomics.
"These shock absorbers give driving accuracy and uniform tire wear thanks to the instant control of the forces in play, allowing maximum support in the bends at extreme lean angles, in fast changes of direction and maximum confidence in acceleration on all types of surfaces, including tracks. 

JBH0 - V1 pressurized cartridge

"As well as perfect stability in even the most violent braking situations, the real innovation lies with the internals with new solutions to improve the damping coefficient and increase stability at high temperatures. The 14 mm shaft increases smoothness, while the 30 mm piston reduces the fluid masses that are in motion for a faster response to stresses.
"The adjustments are positioned on the upper head (spring preload, extension and double compression), while the XXF31's hydraulic spring preload and length can also be adjusted from there."