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Tuesday 5 May 2020


V-Factor Two-Piece and OE Replacement Rocker Arm Cover Assemblies

Having celebrated its 35th anniversary last year, Hazelwood, Missouri based Mid-USA marches on and continues to see own brand popularity growth with dealers seeking that illusive balance between quality and price.

The company's V-Factor range has a reputation for taking that price to quality ratio to the max with warranty backed designs, quality materials and precision manufacturing at a dealer-friendly price "that leaves margin for the shop while still allowing you to deliver competitive value for your customers."

These custom rocker arm cover assemblies are a classic example - "die cast aluminum construction allows the strength to be kept high and the price low." They are precision CNC-machined for an excellent fit with a six-bolt top cover design for improved sealing quality, the two-piece design minimizes the possibility of leaks while featuring one-piece rocker arm supports for easy installation.
Extended height vent towers help eliminate the oil mist carry-over problem normally associated with the head type venting system, and larger than OE vent valves are incorporated into the rocker cover seal with silicon beaded lower gaskets. All necessary mounting hardware included.

"Developed to provide a high-tech look while reducing the high cost of a similar product machined from billet aluminum, they can be used on all years and models of the Evolution engine regardless of whether the engine vents go through the crankcase or the cylinder heads. The one-way breather valve has been upgraded from the OE umbrella type to a much more efficient flapper type, located higher in the cover."
Importantly, installation of these covers on OE height and most comparably sized engines can be performed without removing the engine from the frame; sold as an assembly for front and rear heads.
Available for Evo Big Twins from 1984 to 1999 and Sportsters from 1986 and up; finished chrome plated or polished; for extending service life, a replacement gasket and O-ring set is available that includes ten pieces for two rocker covers.
Additionally, V-Factor offers a custom look CNC precision-machined finned or smooth billet rocker arm covers for Panheads (1984 - 1965) that eliminate the oil seepage associated with the OE rocker box covers; bolt-on OE style replacements for Big Twin Evo (1984 - 1991 and 1992 - 1999) and Sportsters 1986 to 2003 and for Twin Cam 1999 and later.

Also seen here, these OE quality V-Factor valves give the option of rebuilding worn out heads without the high cost of purchasing stainless steel valves - "use these budget valves with confidence. They are manufactured to mirror the dimensions and materials used in the factory versions, with all head diameters, stem diameters and overall lengths the same as OEM."
Intake and exhaust valves available for all years of Panheads, Shovelheads, Evo Big Twins and fitments for Sportsters from 1958 up to 1985. 

Also newly added for 2020, these Twin Cam hydraulic cam chain tensioners are available as a shot peened billet set for added strength and anodized for extra durability or as die cast primary or secondary tensioners for 1999 - 2006 with cam plate upgrade, 2006 - 2016 and 2007 - 2016 for all Twin Cam models. Helpful install pins are included, sold as set or individually.
Finally, primary and secondary can chain tensioners for earlier model Twin Cams 1999 - 2006 are available.