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Wednesday 20 May 2020

Lowbrow Customs

Tall Chopper Sissy Bars by The Gasbox

Brunswick, Ohio based Lowbrow Customs has these tall versions of The Gasbox Chopper sissy bars for 2004 and up Sportsters (1994-2003 version coming soon) and 2006 and later Dyna models. 

Era authentic and made by The Gasbox in its shop in Cleveland, Ohio, since 2014, these sissy bars "look great, give comfy back support to a passenger and offer a secure and easy place to strap your gear.
"Installation is super-fast and easy with common hand tools. They are 5" taller than The Gasbox originals, and Lowbrow's Tyler Malinkey says to watch out for fakes - "these are genuine, top quality USA made parts. Jesse Bassett and the guys at The Gasbox here in Ohio do a great job, but the market is being flooded with imported copies of The Gasbox sissy bar, made in China, and being sold by those with apparently no imagination or ability of their own!"
In this side-by-side comparison you can see the new Gasbox tall sissy bar is 5" taller (24" total) versus the original Gasbox sissy bar (19" total).