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Wednesday 11 December 2019

Lectron Fuel Systems

Lectron Fuel Systems - "Strong, Consistent Power"

Earlier this year Tucker Powersports announced the addition of Lectron fuel systems to its list of offered brands. Best known for making strong, consistent power in sports like two-stroke motocross, enduro and drag racing, Lectron is no stranger to the 4-stroke market, and H-D kits in particular.
The American company began in 1974 by developing what were then two carburetor firsts: the flat slide and the flat metering rod. "Today, Lectron continues to build upon these innovations and supplies both professional racers and weekend riders with technology that improves torque, horsepower and fuel economy while adjusting for atmospheric conditions." Under new ownership since 2010, the product line has been expanded and production processes refined.
Lectron carburetors are known for their simplicity, with no jets, and what is said to be the least parts of any carburettor. They compensate automatically for a wide range of elevation and temperature changes and have the only metering rod fuel system with two circuits.
Lectron says its technology achieves better fuel atomization as the fuel coming off the metering rod is in much finer particles than fuel coming out of a jet.
"This creates a much more efficient and even burn, which helps make more power, uses less fuel, decreases emissions and helps prevent fouling spark plugs." The smooth, tapered bore design creates the "fastest airspeeds of any carburetor, which means improved throttle response. Unlike a choked down keyhole design, Lectron products are designed to flow the most air at the highest velocity and are the only carburetors with the fuel pick-up tube always under vacuum (on the engine side of the slide) - it's always full of fuel, and adjusting float height for throttle response is a thing of the past."


Lectron fuel system Harley carburetors are said to provide superior throttle response and power delivery by utilizing Lectron's patented metering rod. Known for making huge power and being easy to tune, Lectron has won more championships in drag racing than any other carb manufacturer.
Recently, Lectron made its product more refined and user-friendly with the new Gen II 4-stroke kits. These are equipped with a dedicated, externally adjustable, idle circuit to help get that low Harley idle, as well as custom metering rods for extremely smooth power on the street. The metering rod and externally adjustable power jet still takes the place of jets, needles, accelerator pumps and other headaches.
These kits now come as bolt-on units that are a direct replacement for your existing carburetors. Each Lectron carburetor for H-D applications comes pre-tuned from the factory, and once set up for riding style and personal preference, they never need to be touched again thanks to Lectron's metering rod.

Gen 2 Metering Rod

The metering rod is similar to a needle in a traditional carburetor, but with the side facing the engine ground off. These are preset and do not get adjusted in Harley carburetors. It uses the vacuum from the engine to create a low-pressure signal behind the flat side of the rod (think about throwing a rock in a stream - the low-pressure area is directly behind the rock - then add vacuum to it).
Based on the density of the air, the proper amount of fuel will get pulled up the metering rod regardless of elevation, temperature or humidity. Atmospheric conditions constantly change, but the physics stay the same. As a result, you always have the right tune. If you plan to ride from Florida to Colorado, the only tuning you may have to do is adjust your idle.
Another advantage of the metering rod is its ability to finely atomize the fuel. Fuel coming off the metering rod is in much finer particles than those coming out of a jet. Combined with always having the right tune, the fuel itself is easier to burn. The result is better throttle response, fuel economy.

The Lectron Fuel Screw

The Lectron fuel screw is an externally adjustable circuit that works with the idle screw to achieve the proper AFR at, and immediately off, idle. It is the main adjustment for low and closed throttle positions, and the feature allows Harleys to idle low and consistently. The screw is also helpful when adding basic modifications like a higher flowing air filter or aftermarket pipes that could create a lean condition like popping on deceleration. If that happens, simply open the fuel screw.

Lectron Power Jet

The Lectron power jet is the externally adjustable screw on the top of the carburetor. It works like a faucet (tighten it to restrict flow - lean out; loosen to increase flow - richen up). Once the slide rises above the bottom of the nozzle (about half throttle), the power jet is your main adjustment. This adjustment is essential for fine-tuning, so that the top end can be independently adjusted without altering low throttle response.