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Monday 30 December 2019

Bagger Nation

Bagger Nation - SRT 'Steam Roller Touring' Designer Wheel Kits

Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation has continued developing its big wheel performance kit program since we first featured it in AMD around 18 months ago, adding options and components to make them one of the most complete conversion packages on the market.

The kits are built around a new Bagger Nation 20" SRT front tire, created specifically for this application in partnership with Shinko, Paul Yaffe and Western Powersports. "The SRT tire simply celebrates the big wheel movement that we all know and love, however, with a new direction that delivers what we feel is the best riding 'Sport Touring' experience, period," says Bagger Nation's Phil Locke, "the foundation of Yaffe's unique Steam Roller design and what separates Bagger Nation from others who have followed is that the Bagger Nation SRT Kit creates zero compromise."


High Roller


The Shinko is a true front tire created specifically for the 'Steam Roller Touring' application. It is 77HD (908 lbs @ 42 PSI) load rated "to ensure optimum 'Sport Touring' performance," speed rated for high performance applications and has a 28.5" diameter (90.5" circumference), which is basically the same outer diameter as a mounted 23" wheel and tire, "so it stays true to the big wheel lifestyle. It is the only 20" performance touring tire in the world and its intentional large tread construction not only provides the best looking 'Steam Roller' profile, but the ultimate tread to road contact patch and the smoothest road-absorbing ride you've ever imagined."
The American forged, one of a kind 20 x 5.0 wheel blank is the "strongest and most consistent blank of its kind. The blank is precision-spun and formed to current TRA spec and was the perfect starting point to for Yaffe to launch his Bagger Nation designer wheel program. Dealers can choose from six "timeless" wheel designs in chrome or black finishes, which can be ordered in standard dual disk application, as well as with a 15" single rotor and caliper bracket kit. Matching rear wheels are also available.
"Wheels are available in both black with accent cuts or chrome plated versions, in both single or dual disc applications. We offer the High 5, Hoopla, High Roller, I-Beam and the new Shredder and Bandit wheels all in our SRT format.




"The only way to ensure a 'Steam Roller Touring' project both looks and handles incredibly is to add seven degrees of rake to your frame, using our patented rake neck block, and then correct the bike's trail by adding a set of our 'Steam Roller Touring' seven degree wide triple trees. Our exclusive patented rake neck system and widened raked trees make easy work of setting the bike up."

"Our 25 mm wide Yaxle is CNC-machined from stainless tool steel - custom hubs will require the use of 25 mm bearings. Yaxle caps are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and offered in either black or chrome finishes. Our Thicky SRT front fender is deep drawn from one piece of 14 gauge cold rolled steel. Mounting holes are drilled at the factory and our fenders are then E-coated for corrosion protection and a scuff and paint quality finish. Each SRT fender includes free billet spacers in a satin aluminum finish (black or chrome spacers can be requested for a small extra charge)."

Phil says that, for dealers, the 'Steam Roller Touring' builders kit includes everything a dealer or builder will need to create the big wheel custom look - the Shinko SRT 777 wide performance front tire; forged 6061-T6 aluminum 20 x 5.0 wheel blank (the only one of its kind); deep drawn one-piece steel Thicky front fender (includes free corresponding satin spacers); wide custom smooth axle (includes choice of four styles in two finishes); SRT patented raked neck apparatus and billet triple tree kit.
A few model-specific parts may be additionally needed, depending on the year and model of the bike. All accessories are available direct from Bagger Nation or from a HardDrive representative.