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Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Battery Tender Li-ion with BMS and Activation Switch

Available exclusively in the United States through Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties, Florida based Deltran's new Battery Tender brand next generation Lithium batteries are said to be "safer, smarter, lighter weight and deliver longer battery life," according to Clinton Green, VP Sales for North America.

"The advantages of Lithium-ion batteries are immense," says Clinton. "Increased fuel economy, a constant current compared to the variable current you can get from AGM batteries, up to four times longer battery life and a 99% more efficient charge and up to two times lighter than the equivalent conventional battery are just some of the most obvious advantages."
Features of the Battery Tender Lithium include quad terminals providing for accessory hook-up options; Smart Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors, optimizes and protects the battery; a battery activation wire that connects the battery activation switch to the BMS; a fireproof coating for thermal protection - an engineered mechanism that supports high current flow during voltage discharge - and an IP67 water and dust resistant bottom case with high melting point.

The BMS detects possible overcharge or discharge and will shut off the battery to prevent permanent battery damage; the user can reactivate the Lithium battery by pressing the battery activation switch on the quick disconnect cable to allow the battery to be charged again - with a Battery Tender Lithium-specific charger. The quick disconnect cable has three terminals - one to positive, one to negative and the third to the battery activation switch.