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Tuesday 23 July 2019

Baker Drivetrain

Baker ‘Armored Attitude’ Chain Adjuster

Said to be stronger than the original (for more abusive riding!) Baker Drivetrain’s ‘Armored Attitude’ chain adjuster design is said to prevent damage to the motorcycle’s motor case bearings, inner primary bearings, clutch hub bearings and transmission output gear bearings.

“The issue with the stock auto chain tensioner is when the chain has any slack in it, the auto tensioner ratchets the shoe up another notch. One notch is not going to be an issue, but the tightening continues until it causes problems in other places,” says Drivetrain Meister Bert Baker.
“With our manual chain adjuster, you control the tightening of the chain so no unwanted damage occurs.” It fits 2007 and later Softail and Touring models, and 2006 and later Dyna models.
“Our manual chain tensioner allows you to set the chain to the proper 5/8”-7/8” (cold) freeplay, and never have to worry about it being too tight. The upgrade support kit includes a support plate, hardware, shoe and a shoe keeper.”
The chain shoe is machined from Nylon 66; the active plate and back support plate are made from investment cast with 4130 steel, and it has 28% finer teeth spacing (compared to ‘01-‘06 chain adjusters) for more accurate adjustments - the chain adjustment method is the same as the ‘01-06 style stock ‘L’Bracket’ adjusters.
Baker says that the ‘Armored Attitude’ adjuster will increase torque by +3.42 ft/lbs, reduce primary noise, help prevent damage to the primary and improve motor bottom end and inner primary race bearing durability, and advises that you should “check the primary chain tension at the 500-mile interval and then after every 5000 miles.  If the chain cannot be adjusted properly, then replace the chain.” Available in chrome, polished, raw or wrinkle black.