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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Rivera Primo

Rivera Primo HedLed Touring kit

RIVERA Primo has responded to customer requests and introduced a new version of its HedLed – the HedLed Touring kit. The new kit is made up of one of the company’s LED solid state 7in headlamps and two proprietary 4-1/2" all LED spot lamps, both with high and low beams, said to be capable of outshining any halogen or HID light and most other LED headlamps on the market. 

The Touring kit "combines the look of traditional lights with the low amperage draw of LEDs, making them suitable for use with older alternator systems found on earlier models."

The integral LED turn signals/running lights on the 7in headlamp are wired in separately, while the high and low beams are a simple plug-and-play into the OE wiring harness (2014 and later models require a separately available adapter harness). Use of Rivera Primo’s Programmable Load Equalizer allows the integral turn signal’s ultra-bright amber LEDs to strobe or function as regular turn signals. Alternatively, they can be wired directly to a 12V switched source to stay on all the time as daylight running lights.
The 4-1/2" spots are DOT compliant dual high and low beam and will work with the headlight on low or high beam or as a stand-alone headlight with some slight wiring modifications.