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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Antigravity Batteries

Get started!

LAST month we featured Antigravity Batteries' impressively compact and impressively powerful YTX12 24-cell lithium ion motorcycle battery - a 720 cranking amp beast that is ideal for stock, custom and high performance applications on engines up to 2400cc.

Deceptively small and powerful is also the name of the game with Antigravity Batteries’ Micro-Start XP-10, an ultra-compact pocket sized (92 x 3 x 1.25") 18 ounce punch-packer that will power personal accessories and jump-start motorcycle, UTV/ATV and up to 7-liter diesel engines.
Offering 600 peak amps and 18,000 mAh capacity, the XP-10 features short circuit protection, a 12v standard output port, a 19v output for laptops, USB 4-in-1 cable, jumper clamps and a universal cable with tip-kit, and is available with a range of Antigravity accessories such as a tire inflator/air pump, harness kit, and accessory cables and plugs.