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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Low Profile BIKE (DIN) plug for Victory sockets

No accessory manufacturer can change how motorcycle companies decide where to put their 12V sockets, but TecMate has been working on ways to guarantee that Victory, BMW and Triumph riders can use their motorcycle’s 12V power without fear of dislodging or breaking a plug located in a vulnerable position.

TecMate has designed a low profile BIKE (DIN) plug that is fully sealed during the molding process - their BIKE90°. OptiMate also offers cables with the low profile plug, such as theO-19 SAE to BIKE adapter, the O-29 SAE to BIKE plug-adapter extender, and the O-39 DC2.5mm to BIKE plug adapter-extender.
Also available, the OptiMate USB O-104 2100m - a weatherproof 'adventure-ready' charger with BIKE90° plug for on and off highway riding, that will recharge the latest power hungry smart phones and tablets.

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