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Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Schampa "FaceFit"

OFF-ROAD and on-highway riding gear specialist Schampa has come up with what owner and designer Andy Myers describes as "the next generation in rider face-wear".

His Patent Pending "FaceFit" system takes the classic face-mask scarf and adds ergonomics and technology to how it fits. A flexible, lightweight, adjustable Neoprene internal reinforcer that "remembers" the fit contours of the face allows the rider simply to press the scarf to create a molded fit that massively improves the seal around the nose and mouth to protect against wind, dust, pollution, sand and all the other airborne hazards of riding.
Andy says that "when used in conjunction with eye-wear the effect it has on the breath even helps reduce fogging. I made some of these for myself, and have been doing tens of thousands of miles with them. Then I figured, well, if it works for me, it could work for everyone!"

Chandler, Arizona, USA
Tel: 480 899 6458