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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Marolo Test

TriGlide ModuLift by Marolo Test

HARLEY-Davidson have added French manufacturer Marolo Test to their roster of "approved" workshop equipment vendors for their authorized dealers.

Specifically, Marolo's popular patented and homologated 'ModuLift' concept has been found to be the only workshop lift package that can take the factory's TriGlide trike.
Built with automotive derived rather than motorcycle wheels, the weight, dimensions and geometry of the TriGlide proved to be either too wide or too heavy in weight distribution terms for all the lifts that Harley tested - except for the ModuLift 1100 MOH seen here.
Like all good ideas, the ModuLift is a simple concept. Featuring 6 removable and adjustable plates, the system can be tuned for use with 2, 3 and 4 wheel PowerSports vehicles, allowing one workshop footprint to deal with everything that the dealership's customers can throw at it.

With automatic safety features and a maximum lifting height of 43 inches (1,100mm), the ModuLift 1100 MOH is rated to 1,323 lbs (600kg) and features a range of options, including the third wheel kit and front wheel clamp.
When closed the ModuLift is 35 inches wide (900mm) but opens to 59 inches (1,500mm) and is available in pneumatic and hydraulic versions.

The company offers a full range of additional workshop essentials for dealers wanting to service the TriGlide, including specially adapted tire changers, and also two, three and four wheel dynamometers developed in association with noted specialist Daniel Fuchs, plus their acclaimed MaroloBio environmentally friendly waste-free parts cleaning program.
The company will be exhibiting their ModuLift and associated TriGlide products at the Harley-Davidson dealer convention in Las Vegas in the summer of 2015.

Sales & Marketing Director Raphael Girard: “Our patented ModuLift program gives motorcycle dealers access to a high quality system that maximizes return on their workshop space investment. Our work with Harley on homologation of the ModuLift for the TriGlide has also resulted in a range of tire changers and other products for the specific needs of Harley-Davidson authorized dealers. We will be exhibiting the range at the Harley dealer convention in Las Vegas in the summer of 2015.