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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Spectro Oils of America

Spectro launch Victory and Indian
model-specific oil

LAUNCHED at the V-Twin Expo, the Golden 4 20w40 viscosity oil is a
semi-synthetic specifically targeted at Victory and Indian motorcycle owners to meet the viscosity requirements of those particular brands including JASO MA2 for wet clutch compatibility. 

Formulated to meet the demands of air and oil cooled American V-twin engines, Golden 4 semi-synthetic 20w40 is batch blended using Spectro’s G4 Technology, which is said to offer a longer drain interval and the highest shear stability.
“Victory dealers have been asking for this product, and coupled with the strong launch of Indian and continued Victory growth, it should be a good seller,” said Ken Ciocci, Foreign Sales Manager at Spectro Oils.
“Based on the successful formulation of Spectro’s iconic Golden 4 20w50, customers who use Spectro Golden 4 20w40 will also experience smoother shifting and clutch action.”
Spectro’s G4 Technology refers to the company’s 100 percent Pure Group IV Platinum Full Synthetic, which is crafted from modern Group IV PAO (polyalphaolefin) synthetic base stocks. The PAO molecules are assembled to provide superior strength and endurance. The Group IV synthetic molecule is said to be engineered to better resist being sheared in the gears, and to fight degrading oxidation due to high temperatures.

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