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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Avinton Motorcycles

Avinton 2014 range

AVINTON’S 2014 collection of muscle bikes is composed of three distinct models for three different riding styles: Roadster, GT and Race. The company then gives purchasers further options with a choice of six different finishes: Originale, Vintage, Deluxe, Grand Sport, Super Snake and Cult.
The bikes are created in four different phases. First, the owner chooses the model they desire according to their needs, body type, or biking style. The next choice is the  finishing pack (Originale, Vintage, etc.), then come the 50 plus options that Avinton offers in addition to the packages, before the final choice of paint job, as well as the finish of the motor that is included in the finish packages. 

GT Grand Sport

Race Grand Sport

Race SuperSnake

Roadster Grand Sport

In the 2014 model range the Roadster is described as the most adaptable and comfortable to ride, with large handlebars and a rake specifically made to suit its large steering radius designed to make it suitable for daily use, out in the countryside or in downtown traffic.
The GT is Avinton’s incarnation of the classic Cafe racer, and the style of the first prototypes that Avinton constructed. It has sport handlebars at an intermediate level, 5cm higher than those of the Race and 5cm lower than those of the Roadster.
The Race, as the name suggests, has a sports riding position that places the rider’s weight more towards the front of the machine for increased agility and control.
When it comes to finishing packages the Originale includes forged and machined aluminum wheels, front AJP six-piston brake caliper, and original aluminum silencer for Avinton by Arrow.
Kineo spoked wheels feature in the Vintage finish package along with a Sachs rear shock and Cafe racer style mirrors, placed at the end of the handlebars.
Purchasers of the Deluxe finish benefit from the additions of Marchesini aluminum wheels, Beringer single disc front brake and six-piston caliper, CSC steering damper, and a black or white Avinton exhaust muffler with a carbon end cap.

Twin front Beringer brake discs and six-piston calipers are a feature of the Grand Sport finish, as is an improved race rear shock with a remote reservoir.
Braking is taken to a new level for the Super Snake finish with the fitment of a quadruple disc Beringer front brake system and machined billet rear caliper. There are also personalized handlebar grips mirrors, turn signals, and an alcantara covered seat.
The Cult Finish is the most exclusive, based on the Super Snake, and it goes further with the choice of material used in the bike’s construction including titanium, carbon and magnesium. Indeed every aspect of the bike’s build can be modified and customized to suit.

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