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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

S&S Cycle

Sportster 1250cc big bore kits

S&S Cycle’s 1,250cc kit is the largest big bore kit the company offers for ‘86-’14 Sportster models that can be bolted directly into stock crankcases.
The kit, which includes 3-9/16in bore pistons, cylinders and gaskets, is not recommended for engines with stock 883 heads, but works best with stock 1200 heads and 883 or 1200 heads CNC ported by S&S. The company also recommends the use of its 600 cams to gain the maximum benefit.

Silver or wrinkle black powdercoat finishes that match the stock finish on late model engines are available, and the kits are available with flat topped or 5.5cc pop-up forged pistons for a choice of compression ratios. Flat topped pistons yield 10.3:1 with stock 1200cc heads or S&S CNC ported heads. The pop-up pistons deliver 11.2:1.
The cylinder fin profile of the kit does not perfectly match the fins on 2004 and later stock heads, but the difference is not considered to be objectionable.

La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Tel: 608 627 1497