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Tuesday 2 April 2024


Kellermann i.NEX - Universal Lighting Control Solution

Kellermann GmbH (Aachen, Germany), the award-winning manufacturer of high-quality motorcycle accessories, presents Kellermann i.NEX - a universal electronic solution when installing motorcycle lights such as indicators, tail/brake lights and position lights.
"The Kellermann i.NEX finally eliminates the problems of converting motorcycle lights," says CEO Stefan Woeste. "No more despair for the mechanic or wasted hours in the workshop. From classic bikes to new models: Kellermann i.NEX is the system solution for every motorcycle. With the i.NEX, Kellermann is once again writing development history and offering a unique product."

Motorcycle electronics are becoming increasingly complex, with manufacturers sometimes making changes to the operating systems not only when changing models, but even as a sometimes poorly understood part of their annual update programs. As a result, the installation of aftermarket lights has started to become a more time-consuming and sometimes more complex undertaking.
"It is often not clear in advance which accessories are required for your own project or what problems you may encounter when retrofitting", says Stefan. "In recent years, Kellermann has already responded to these problems with the development of specific electronic accessories and has repeatedly offered solutions, including the i.LOAD, i.BOS, i.SED and i.LASH products.
"However, the number of accessory products has become increasingly large, varied and confusing and new solutions have had to be found, especially for new models."
Kellermann says that its new i.NEX will now replace the individual solutions and act as a universal master module - simplifying the installation of motorcycle lights and optimizing convenience and componentry. The i.NEX can be used to connect up to four indicators as well as taillight, brake light and position light.
"The Kellermann i.NEX is a real problem solver in a compact format: error messages in the cockpit, incorrect flashing frequency of indicators and indicator control lights, as well as annoying idle currents can now be eliminated.
"In addition, this master device offers a universal solution for various requirements, e.g. when fitting indicators with higher power consumption or higher voltage than original - as well as original minus-switched indicators".
The lights are connected directly to the i.NEX. The necessary requirements are then easily set on the i.NEX using rotary switches - no matter which light, no matter which motorcycle.

Kellermann I.NEX Tech Spec
  • Electronic universal solution for motorcycle lights such as indicators, tail/brake light and position light
  • Compatible with classic bikes, new models and modern operating systems
  • Correct flashing frequency
  • No error messages in the cockpit
  • No disruptive quiescent currents
  • Installation of indicators with higher power consumption [watt] than original
  • Installation of indicators with higher voltage [volt] than original
  • Installation on motorcycles with minus-switched indicators
  • Installation on motorcycles with current-controlled indicators