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Tuesday 22 August 2023


Upgraded Andreani Suspension Toolbox Functionality

Andreani, one of the most popular suspension equipment brands, has announced the release of an upgraded version of its famous suspension technician's toolbox, powered by Beta. "This new toolbox is not only changed in terms of style and look, but also provides upgraded functions compared to the previous version.

"The newly designed toolbox is now available in a sleek black color and contains all the essential tools required to set up suspensions for the market segment of your choice. The Andreani toolbox is available for both motorbike and MTB segments, with the latter undergoing a significant restyling to include many features that simplify the daily work of technicians - as well as many other tools developed by the company and included in the toolbox or in the additional packages.

"This professional-grade tool kit is designed to cater to all types of suspension available on the market. The Andreani toolbox offers tools that can be purchased singularly or as a package. The additional packages are divided into different categories: for the motorbike sector there are Track/Street packages and Off-Road packages, while the MTB sector packages are divided by suspension brand - with Öhlins, Fox, Cannondale, Cane Creek and RockShox options available.