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Tuesday 20 June 2023


CCE - 'HenlyBegins' Motorcycle and Touring Luggage

The 'HenlyBegins' line of motorcycle and touring luggage includes expandable seat bags, water-resistant seat bags, saddle bags of various designs, finishes and capacities, a two-way combination seat bag and water-resistant backpacks.

Expandable seat bags 

A modular system of riding and touring luggage options, with adjustable capacity reinforced frames and plates to prevents cargo from collapsing when traveling or adding or removing contents. Other features include variable zippers to increase capacity quickly, rain covers with anti-loss straps and four-cord adjustments, wide openings for ergonomic use and carabiners that can be attached to sewn tapes.

Two-way seat bag/backpack

10 liter saddlebag, dimensions 300 × 360 - 390 × 125 mm

Reinforced metal wire frames at the side edge keep bags firmly in shape and mounting straps keep luggage safe. The luggage is available in a selection of colorways and sizes, made from materials including tarpaulin fabric and polyester.