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Tuesday 20 September 2022

Rick's Motorsport Electrics

Single-Phase Lithium Compatible H-D Regulator   

Manufactured in-house at its Hampstead, New Hampshire facility, this single-phase lithium compatible H-D rectifier/regulator is for early single-phase Harley customers that want to get rid of that large, heavy lead-acid battery and run a compact lithium-ion replacement.
Am important and so far missing piece of the lithium adoption jigsaw, it is designed as a universal piece in that it comes with 20 inches of wire to make it a versatile project wiring solution. 

Customers looking to upgrade this on a stock bike will simply need to solder the OE plug to the regulator harness. Installation instructions are included. This is the perfect part for custom bike builds that don't leave much room for the bulky old battery.
This Rick's part (# 14-511H) is a 50 amp unit made with cooling Mosfet technology and designed for single-phase systems with the correct voltage set point for lithium batteries. Part measurements are: center to center bolt holes min. 74 mm; max. 110 mm; body dimensions are: 110 mm x 80 mm x 33 mm thick.  Lead wires are 18" long. 

Founded in the late 1970s, Rick's started out as a small motorcycle salvage business and has grown to be an internationally recognized, highly reputed brand name in the motorsports world - offering a full parts line of motorsport charging and starting systems and electrical ignition components.
Like all of Rick's Motorsport Electrics rectifier regulators, this comes with a one-year replacement warranty.  It is available directly through Rick's and coming soon to its domestic U.S. and international distributors.