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Tuesday 6 April 2021

NAMZ Custom Cycle Products

Tour Pack Quick Disconnect Wiring Harnesses and RBT Modules

Oreland, Pennsylvania headquartered NAMZ Custom Cycle Products President and Chief Technical Officer Jeff Zielinski says that "Tour packs are more than just storage, they are part of your bike's styling.
"They come paint-matched with quick disconnect options, in full size or chopped - and you can have them with LED lights or not. In their routine operation, safety is an important factor with Tour packs, or luggage of any kind for that matter, especially at night or in poor visibility on the roadside.

"There is no better way to light up the backside of your ride than with some super high-visibility LED lighting. Using a Badlands module can add additional features to those LED lights like running light, brake light and turn signal functions.
"But before you can do any of this, you need to get some wiring up to that Tour pack, and that also needs to allow for easy removal. Here at NAMZ we've got you covered. We offer many options of plug-n-play, quick disconnect wiring solutions, and they are usually way better than the factory fit options or other aftermarket suppliers' product designs.
"Our harnesses are designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania, every day, 365 days a year, built by highly skilled and experienced technicians who care about getting it right, not just the first time, but every time.
"We make a harness that will give a simple connection in between the rear fender connection on early models or using the dedicated Tour pack connector on late models. It puts the quick disconnect at the seat bolt on the rear fender - so removing your Tour pack is a breeze. We also offer these plug-n-play harnesses with Badlands modules, just to make it even easier for you."

NAMZ Tour pack harnesses and add-on lighting pigtails are perfect for additional lighting on pre-CAN bus models, avoid the need to cut up the factory wiring and offer a simple, convenient way to disconnect the Tour pack without removing the seat.
The NTP-HR01 kit offers a run, brake and turn signal feature, allowing for old style incandescent or LED Tour pack lighting to have ALL three features - they are easy to use and come with all connectors installed.