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Tuesday 9 April 2019

S&S Cycle

S&S Selected Components

89” Stock Bore Stroker Kit 

Stock bore stroker kits have always been an economical way to increase the displacement. This 89” stock bore stroker kit upgrades carbureted 80” H-D Evo 80 Evo Big Twins to 89” displacement at approximately 9.25:1 compression. It includes a dynamically balanced 4-5/8” stroke flywheel assembly complete with heavy duty connecting rods and main shafts. Stock bore stroker kits re-use the stock cylinders, saving cost and the retaining stock appearance of the engine. Minor hand tool crankcase and cylinder modifications are required. Depending on the oversize required for the stock cylinders, this kit requires separately available special pistons. Pistons are available for stock or S&S Performance replacement cylinder heads or for S&S Super Stock cylinder heads.

Performance Ignition Kit 
Performance ignition kit with HI-4N ignition, single-fire coil and 8.8 mm double silicone premium quality spark plug wires for 1984-‘99 Big Twins.

89” High Compression Stroker Pistons 

Piston set, 3-1/2” x 4-5/8” for +.020” Super Stock heads, 1984-’99 H-D.

Standard Forged Rocker Arm Kit 

For 1986-’18 Big Twins (and 1986-’19 XL), this kit contains two front and two rear rocker arms. An economical solution for stock rebuilds and mild performance upgrades, S&S standard rocker arms are forged from 8620 steel for greater strength than stock forged or cast steel rocker arms. In addition, they feature the same 3/4” long rocker shaft bushings that are used in its roller rocker arms. The 3/4” long bronze bushings provide 50% more load bearing area than the 1/2” long bushings used in stock and other aftermarket rocker arms.

.650” Lift Sidewinder Valve Spring Kit

Sidewinder .650” valve spring kits for 1984-2004 Big Twins (and 1986-2003 XL) with stock heads (both 7 mm and 5/16” valve stems) and all S&S Super Stock heads (5/16” valve stems). Work well with cams up to .650” lift. Manufactured from ultra-clean high silicon Kobe alloy wire, then micro shot-peened and nitrided. CNC-machined 9˚ locks. High-performance conical single wire spring. Chromoly forged retainers. Kit contains valve keepers, top and bottom collars, springs and shims.

Quickee Adjustable Pushrod Set

For 1984-’99 Big Twins with hydraulic tappet (80”-98”, 113”, 117” and 124” engines), they can be installed or removed from an assembled engine without disturbing the top end.

Oil Change Kit for 1984-’99 Big Twins

S&S oil change kits include four quarts of S&S premium full synthetic 20W50 V-twin motor oil and an S&S chrome oil filter.

High Performance Hydraulic Tappets 

High performance tappets for 1984-’99 - “a great choice for any stock or high-performance application. Only the finest materials and precision machining techniques are used in the manufacture of these lifters and strict quality control insures that they will work flawlessly every time, no matter what the application - from a stock 80 incher to the most outrageous big incher.”