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Sunday, 29 July 2018


Zodiac additions

Bitubo Cartridge Style Front Fork Damper Kits
The advantages of the cartridge type forks that are found in most state-of-the-art sports bikes are beginning to migrate in to the custom and Harley suspension upgrade market – good kits used in the right applications provide better handling characteristics than rod-type dampers, and also offer more tuning possibilities. Italian suspension manufacturer Bitubo has created complete and easy to install fork cartridge kits that can also lower the front of the bike by up to 30 mm, depending on the application. Fork cap covers in chrome or black finish are also available.
The company’s Hypersport style single cartridge and MotoGP style dual cartridge both offer up to 30 mm lowering adjustment, 10-step adjustable preload and 20-step adjustable rebound. The MotoGP style dual cartridge also has 20-step adjustable compression. The Hypersport style is available for selected V-Rod/Night Rod and 39 mm XL1200X Forty-Eight.  The MotoGP style is also available for selected 49 mm XL forks, 49 mm Dyna and ‘14-‘16 Tourers.

TBR MX-Style Footpegs

These stainless steel Motocross style foot pegs fit mid mount controls on Dyna and Sportster models and feature rotating mounts. They are sold in sets for left and right in raw, black or polished stainless steel.

‘Combat’ Slip-Ons for M-8 Fat Bob 

These Freedom Performance ‘Combat’ slip-ons for FXFB and FXFBS Fat Bob are said to be easy to install direct bolt-on mufflers in 4 ¼” (114 mm) diameter that fit on the stock headers. They are available in all chrome, all black or chrome with black tip.

S&S M-8 Cam Plate and Oil Pump Kits

S&S cam plates and oil pumps are precision machined from billet aluminum and finished in anodized blue. The cam plates feature removable passage plugs for servicing and a steel plate to protect the plate body from the steel oil pump rotors.
S&S oil pumps have independent scavenge sections for flywheel cavity and cam chest, debris screens in both scavenge pickups, and a magnet in the cam chest to help prevent debris from entering pump.
There is an adjustable pressure relief valve that can be adjusted with the oil pump mounted in the engine and Zodiac says that S&S’ designs result in increased flow capacity on both feed and scavenge side. The cam plate and oil pump are supplied as complete and ready to install kits for 2017 to present water-cooled and oil-cooled M-8s.

Pingel All Electric Up/Down Shifter Kits for 2018 Softails

These all electric up/down shifter kits by Adams, Wisconsin based Pingel Enterprises are designed to deliver simple push button throttle “on”, clutchless up and down shifting for 2018 M-8 Softails - with clutch use only required for starting and stopping.
The kits include a dual button handlebar control, a chrome plated shift cylinder, bolt-on shift cylinder support bracket, a state of the art control module that quickly and reliably interacts between the button control and shift cylinder, and the ignition interruption module.
Available for 2018 FXFB and FXFBS Fat Bob, FLFB and FLFBS Fat Boy, FXBR and FXBRS Breakout, FLHC and FLHCS Heritage, FXBB Street Bob and FXLR Low Rider.

Rick’s Breakout Headlight Shroud

Zodiac thinks the headlight on the M-8 Softail Breakout “looks a little as if the Harley design department was not ready before the bike went into production” - so what to do? Rick’s Motorcycles in Germany has this fiberglass shroud that “hides the ugly back of the stock headlight and upgrades the total look of the front end.” Easy to bolt on, it comes in a white gel coat finish.

Müller M-8 Softail Lowering Kits

These patent-pending, TÜV approved, German designed and made Müller Motorcycle M-8 Softail specific lowering kits are “infinitely adjustable” for up to 35 mm of lowered riding height. They come with needle bearing installed and do not require the damper rod to be shortened.
They fit the stock remote adjustable rear shock on 2018 to present FLDE Deluxe, FLFB and FLFBS Fat Boy, FLHC and FLHCS Heritage, FLSB Sport Glide, FLSL Slim, FXBR and FXBRS Breakout, FXFB and FXFBS Fat Bob, with model specific versions for the FXBB Street Bob and FXLR Low Rider.

Brass Balls XL Skid Plates

Oklahoma based Brass Balls’ Sportster skid plates are more than a rock guard – “they are a full blown armor for the underside of the bike in 1/8” thick aluminum that runs the length of the underside of the bike. Contoured to follow the smooth lines of the chassis, the speed holes provide weight savings as well as allowing fluids and debris to escape. Available for 1996-2003 Sportster, featuring exposed welds and 2004 to present Sportsters with smooth side walls.