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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Blud Lubricants

Blud Lubricants announces Flat Track rider support program

In addition to supporting ATV/UTV, Enduro, MX, and Desert racing, Arizona based Blud Lubricants is also offering Road, Flat Track and Hooligan racers the opportunity to receive “a fresh injection of Blud”!

Blud Lubricants announced that anyone participating in a racing series is eligible to apply for their all new Rider Support and Sponsorship programs (HawgBlud brand for Flat Track/Hooligan and BikerBlud for Road Racing) by submitting a racing resume via their website or by email to Also, distributor enquiries are welcome.
Blud Lubricants are 100 percent synthetic and the company says its oils are “designed for the extreme duty, high temperature, severe stress environments that racing creates for a racer’s machine. We understand how expensive it is to maintain and operate a high-performance racing machine and are delighted to offer a program that can save money and improve performance. It is a win-win for everyone,” said Jefferson Green, CEO at Blud Lubricants.
Founded in 2017, Blud Lubricants is a subsidiary of industrial synthetic lubricant leader American Synthol, Inc., of Medina, Ohio, who have been blending specialty oils since 1983. Blud Lubricants offers “a wide range of synthetic oil and lubricant products designed with our proprietary ‘BLUDLINE’ additive technology for the power sports racing and enthusiast markets.”