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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Renegade Wheels

Renegade one-piece forged trike wheels

Renegade’s one-piece forged trike wheels are made using an exclusive custom forging with over 2” of depth, enabling “remarkable 3D deep designs while still maintaining a match to the front wheels,” according to owner Chuck Frederick.


Pictured is the chrome “Tahoe”, one of Renegade’s best-selling wheel designs, and their “double cut” Laredo ‘Phantom-cut’.  All Renegade’s trike wheels are 18” x 7” wide, capable of handling wide 215/70R-18 tires.


Their ‘Phantom-cut’ technique involves the wheels being machined, polished, and then anodized to a slick ultra-black finish. A second cutting of the wheel then brings the accents to life, finally, the wheels are hand-polished to achieve the high luster that contrasts the ultra-black finish.